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Welcome to the regency


Apartment 713

Secret ballrooms, hidden artwork and unlikely friends—welcome to The Regency, where even time moves in surprising ways!

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About the Book

Jake Simmons hates his new home.

The Regency is floor after floor of peeling wallpaper and faded glory. Jake misses his old life. He misses the time when his mother was employed. But with each passing day, the building reveals more of its mysteries to Jake, and the occupants grow on him too.

Unfortunately, Jake’s feeling of belonging is short-lived: the city plans to demolish The Regency. Jake feels powerless. And then fate throws him a curveball. He’s summoned to apartment 713—an apartment he’s been told is off-limits.

But when he opens the door…he travels to the past! Alongside Beth, his new friend and guide, Jake begins searching for any clue that might help him save The Regency. Little does he know, the building’s own storied past will give Jake the key to saving his own future—if only he knows where to look.

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Meet the Author

Kevin Sylvester is the author and illustrator of more than thirty books. He has won awards across Canada, including the Silver Birch Award and the Hackmatack Children’s Choice Book Award. His latest novel, The Fabulous Zed Watson! (co-written with Basil Sylvester) was a finalist for a  2021 Governor General’s Literary Award and a Silver Birch Award.

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Welcome to The Regency. Apartment 713, on sale 9.13.2022