The Hormone Reset Diet

Heal Your Metabolism To Lose Up To 15 Poun, The

by Sara Gottfried M.D.

On Sale: 01/03/2017

The Hormone Reset Diet

Heal Your Metabolism To Lose Up To 15 Poun, The

by Sara Gottfried M.D.

On Sale: 01/03/2017


About the Book

The New York Times bestselling author of The Hormone Cure shows you how to reset your metabolic hormones to lose weight and feel great in just twenty-one days!

What we've been taught about dieting is all wrong. Weight loss isn't about restricting calories and willpower. It's about hormones, the chemical molecules that govern nearly all aspects of your body fat, from how much you store and where it's stored to cravings, appetite, gut bacteria and even addictive eating patterns. Being overweight is the result of major hormonal misfires involving seven metabolic hormones—estrogen, insulin, leptin, cortisol, thyroid, growth hormone and testosterone—each of which is affected by the foods you consume every day.

When these hormones misfire, your body adjusts by changing their levels, a fluctuation that ultimately slows down the metabolism, causing you to store fat every time you eat instead of using it as fuel to energize you. When your metabolism is broken, you get fatter no matter what you do—especially after age forty—and can eventually develop insulin resistance, diabetes, heart disease and even dementia.

The good news is that you can turn this problem around in only twenty-one days. Based on leading scientific research, The Hormone Reset Diet is Dr. Gottfried's proven step-by-step plan designed to help women of all shapes and sizes, ages and ethnicities lose weight and feel lighter and more energetic. In seven three-day bursts, you'll make specific dietary changes, eliminating metabolism-wrecking foods—meat and alcohol, sugar, fruit, caffeine, grain, dairy and toxins—to repair your body and reset your hormones. At the end of twenty-one days, Dr. Gottfried shows you how to develop a new personalized food code that enables you to look and feel your best every single day. In addition, this highly practical guide explores the emotional issues that drive cravings, addictions and habits, offering insights to quench incessant hunger and give you back your life. With The Hormone Reset Diet, you can finally shed the weight, feel trim and sexy, restore your hormones and health, and rediscover the body you want.

Critical Praise

The Hormone Reset Diet may be just what we need to end dieting for women.” — Mark Hyman, New York Times bestselling author of The Blood Sugar Solution

The Hormone Reset Diet shows us what to eat to feel and look our absolute best. No matter your age, size, or state of health, Dr. Sara Gottfried delivers sound, science-proven advice that I stand behind wholeheartedly.” — Dr. Alejandro Junger, author of the New York Times bestsellers Clean, Clean Gut, and Clean Eats

“Straight from the mind of top hormone guru Dr. Sara Gottfried, The Hormone Reset Diet contains new biohacking secrets about how to eat and move to control your top seven metabolic hormones.” — Dave Asprey, bestselling author of The Bulletproof Diet Book

“Feeling cranky, exhausted, and stressed shouldn?t be the norm. With Sara Gottfried’s practical advice, you can balance your hormones naturally-without a bunch of pills-and feel at home in your body once again. The Hormone Reset Diet holds the keys to total transformation.” — Cynthia Pasquella, founder and director of the Institute of Transformational Nutrition


Product Details

  • ISBN: 9781443431378
  • ISBN 10: 1443431370
  • Imprint: Collins
  • On Sale: 01/03/2017
  • Pages: 336
  • List Price:21.00 CAD
  • BISAC1 : HEALTH & FITNESS / General

The Hormone Reset Diet by Sara Gottfried M.D.

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