Normal Women

Nine Hundred Years of Making History

by Philippa Gregory

On Sale: 02/27/2024

Normal Women

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Normal Women

Nine Hundred Years of Making History

by Philippa Gregory

On Sale: 02/27/2024


About the Book

Normal Women is lively, timely and gloriously energetic. Each page bursts with life, and every chapter swirls with personalities left out of traditional narratives of Britain’s past. Philippa Gregory has produced something rare and wonderful: a genuinely new history of [Britain], with women at its beating heart.” —Dan Jones, New York Times bestselling author of The Plantagenets

“Stunning. . . . Full of surprises. . . . A brilliant, essential read.”—The Independent (UK)

 The #1 New York Times bestselling historical novelist delivers her magnum opus—a landmark work of feminist nonfiction that radically redefines our understanding of the extraordinary roles ordinary women played throughout British history.

Did you know that there are more penises than women in the Bayeux Tapestry? That the Peasants’ Revolt of 1381 was started and propelled by women who were protesting a tax on women? Or that celebrated naturalist Charles Darwin believed not just that women were naturally inferior to men, but that they’d evolve to become ever more inferior?

These are just a few of the startling findings you will learn from reading Philippa Gregory’s Normal Women. In this ambitious and groundbreaking book, she tells the story of England over 900 years, for the very first time placing women—some fifty per cent of the population—center stage.

Using research skills honed in her work as one of our foremost historical novelists, Gregory trawled through court records, newspapers, and journals to find highwaywomen and beggars, murderers and brides, housewives and pirates, female husbands and hermits. The “normal women” you will meet in these pages went to war, ploughed the fields, campaigned, wrote, and loved. They rode in jousts, flew Spitfires, issued their own currency, and built ships, corn mills and houses. They committed crimes or treason, worshipped many gods, cooked and nursed, invented things, and rioted. A lot.

A landmark work of scholarship and storytelling, Normal Women chronicles centuries of social and cultural change—from 1066 to modern times—powered by the determination, persistence, and effectiveness of women.


Product Details

  • ISBN: 9780063304321
  • ISBN 10: 0063304325
  • Imprint: HarperOne
  • On Sale: 02/27/2024
  • Pages: 688
  • BISAC1 : HISTORY / Women
  • BISAC2 : HISTORY / Europe / Great Britain
  • BISAC4 : HISTORY / Social History
  • BISAC6 : HISTORY / Europe / Great Britain / Norman Conquest to Late Medieval (1066-1485)
  • BISAC7 : HISTORY / Medieval
  • BISAC8 : HISTORY / Europe / Great Britain / Stuart Era (1603-1714)
  • BISAC9 : HISTORY / Europe / Great Britain / Tudor & Elizabethan Era (1485-1603)
  • BISAC10 : HISTORY / Europe / Great Britain / Victorian Era (1837-1901)
  • BISAC11 : HISTORY / Europe / Great Britain / Georgian Era (1714-1837)
  • BISAC12 : HISTORY / Europe / Great Britain / 20th Century

Normal Women by Philippa Gregory

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