Where Are Your Boys Tonight?

The Oral History of Emo's Mainstream Explosion 1999-2008

by Chris Payne

On Sale: 06/06/2023

Where Are Your Boys Tonight?

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Where Are Your Boys Tonight?

The Oral History of Emo's Mainstream Explosion 1999-2008

by Chris Payne

On Sale: 06/06/2023


About the Book

An explosive oral history of emo’s takeover from 1999 to 2008, featuring


If Meet Me in the Bathroom traced New York City's early 2000’s rock scene, Where Are Your Boys Tonight? gives the inside story of the turn-of-the-millennium emo subculture that became bigger than anyone thought possible. There was Pete Wentz, the Fall Out Boy leader who launched a litany of scene-stealing bands and preposterous side-hustles, and Gerard Way, the wizard behind My Chemical Romance and The Black Parade. Panic! At the Disco and Paramore emerged soon after—a pair of intrepid outsiders who got massive playing by their own rules. As they ascended, MySpace took over the internet and the age of influencers dawned, with emo its choice aesthetic. 

Music journalist Chris Payne experienced emo's mainstream takeover from sweaty crowds and mosh pits growing up in New Jersey. In Where Are Your Boys Tonight? he offers an authoritative, impassioned, and occasionally absurd account told through interviews with more than 150 people, from the scene's biggest bands, producers, and managers to the teenage fans who helped redefine American music culture. 

Critical Praise

“A time machine for those who lived this specific scene of emo and witnessed its explosion into the mainstream. This book is a walk down memory lane (in Vans of course) and the cast of characters alone is a Rolodex of names you hoped would be your Myspace friends. For those of us who lived for Warped Tour and Fuse, if you know, you know, and this book and its conversations are speaking to you.” — Allison Hagendorf, TV Host, music journalist, host of The Allison Hagendorf Show

“The early 2000s were a golden era of sad guys with questionable haircuts playing grandly melodramatic and irresistibly hooky anthems. For anyone who was a fan at the time or simply wishes they would have been around for the scene, this book offers an entertaining ”you are there” immediacy. Chris Payne talks to all of the important players, and the picture that emerges is, like so many great rock stories, equal parts inspiring, painful and hilarious.” — Steven Hyden, author of Your Favorite Band Is Killing Me

“This cross-section of time in punk rock had very little sex, virtually no drugs, and a version of rock n roll that maybe 20-50 people heard through a distorted amp, plopped on the floor of a basement. Yet it was the most important and powerful DIY movement in underground music, ever. You don’t believe me? I know. I don’t blame you. It’s really hard to explain it. You kinda just had to be there. But you weren’t. So you better read this book because it’s the only book that even begins to capture what happened.” — Joanna Angel, adult film star, bestselling author

“As someone who mostly remembers what it was like to hear Paramore perform from a pink RV (fucking phenomenal!) or see Bert McCracken scream so hard he puked onstage (fucking implausible!), I’m grateful to Chris Payne for filling in the blanks with this vivid and vibrant flashback that details how the scene ignited—and survived—emo’s mainstream explosion.” — Leslie Simon, co-author of Everybody Hurts; author of Geek Girls Unite


Product Details

  • ISBN: 9780063251281
  • ISBN 10: 0063251280
  • Imprint: Dey Street Books
  • On Sale: 06/06/2023
  • Pages: 496
  • List Price:39.50 CAD
  • BISAC1 : MUSIC / Genres & Styles / Punk
  • BISAC2 : BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Composers & Musicians
  • BISAC3 : MUSIC / History & Criticism

Where Are Your Boys Tonight? by Chris Payne

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