The Confident Mind

A Battle-Tested Guide to Unshakable Performance

by Dr. Nate Zinsser

On Sale: 01/25/2022

The Confident Mind

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The Confident Mind

A Battle-Tested Guide to Unshakable Performance

by Dr. Nate Zinsser

On Sale: 01/25/2022


About the Book

Believe and be unshakable.

The Director of West Point’s influential Performance-Psychology Program shares the secrets of mental toughness and self-belief in this new definitive guide to mastering confidence, the key to performance in any field.

“Studying confidence with Dr. Zinsser helped me win two Super Bowls. I recommend The Confident Mind to competitors everywhere.” —Eli Manning

Dr. Nate Zinsser has spent his career training the minds of the U.S. Military Academy’s cadets as they prepare to lead and perform when the stakes are the very highest—on the battlefield. Alongside this work, he has coached world-class athletes including a Super Bowl MVP, numerous Olympic medalists, professional ballerinas, NHL All-Stars, and college All-Americans, teaching them to overcome pressure and succeed on the biggest stages.

Dr. Zinsser has come to understand that one single trait above all others makes peak performance possible: confidence, or the belief in oneself. Whether your mission involves leading a platoon into combat, returning an opponent’s serve, or delivering a sales pitch to a roomful of skeptical prospects, you perform best when you are so certain about your abilities that your flow of fear, doubts, and confusion slows to the barest minimum. What’s more, Dr. Zinsser has come to understand that confidence is a skill that can be taught, improved, and applied by anyone to enhance nearly every aspect of our lives and careers.

Now, for the first time, Dr. Zinsser distills his research and years of experience, offering a fascinating guide to the science of confidence and providing readers with a practical, step-by-step program to best harness their belief in themselves to achieve success in any field. The Confident Mind is a complete guide to confidence: how to understand it, how to build it, how to protect it, and how to rely upon it when your performance matters most.

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Critical Praise

"To succeed at any challenging venture—in business, sports, art, music, writing, or any other sphere—you need to have confidence in yourself. But many of us find confidence to be a fickle trait that vanishes when we encounter unexpected adversity or spells of bad luck. In The Confident Mind, Nate Zinsser shares practical, proven methods that will allow you to develop and maintain reliable self-confidence even when the world seems to be conspiring against you. His methods aren’t fairy dust: They require commitment, effort, and ongoing practice. But they really work." - Jon Krakauer, #1 bestselling author of Into Thin Air

The Confident Mind is a must read for all those who ‘perform’ in their chosen field. Dr. Nate Zinsser shares constructive and practical insights to empower the reader through stories and science to claim the confidence we each have within ourselves. This book will resonate with anyone who dares to dream.” - Margaret Tracey, Director, Boston Ballet School; former Principal Ballerina, New York City Ballet

“Dr. Zinsser’s advice is the foundation for success at every level. I hope every soldier, sailor, airman and marine reads The Confident Mind and puts these crucial principles into action.” - General Robert Brooks Brown (U.S. Army, Retired)

“While training for the Olympic bobsled team, I had to win the battle in my head before I was ever going to beat anyone on the ice. Doc Z helped me do just that, making me a better athlete, coach, husband, and father. The Confident Mind will show you how to prepare your mind for competition and life.” - Michael Kohn, USA Olympic Men’s and Women’s Bobsled Teams Head Coach and 2002 Olympic medalist

“No performer can enter the arena and win without first achieving victory over the internal enemies of self-doubt, fear, and uncertainty. In The Confident Mind, Nate Zinsser provides specific techniques and advice for achieving the state of mind you need to perform right when you need it most." - Steven Pressfield, bestselling author of The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles

“Studying confidence with Nate Zinsser brought me to the next level in my football career and helped me win two Super Bowls. People talk all the time about how a confident attitude is what makes people succeed in pressure situations, but rarely does anyone actually do anything about it. Here is your chance: I recommend The Confident Mind to competitors everywhere, no matter what sport or what ‘game’ they play.”   - Eli Manning, Two-time Super Bowl MVP

“Confidence is the key that unlocks every player’s and every person’s potential. You won’t find a better, more helpful book on confidence anywhere than Nate Zinsser’s The Confident Mind.” - Dr. Bob Rotella, author of How Champions Think


Product Details

  • ISBN: 9780063014831
  • ISBN 10: 0063014831
  • Imprint: Custom House
  • On Sale: 01/25/2022
  • Pages: 352
  • List Price:35.99 CAD
  • BISAC1 : SELF-HELP / Personal Growth / Success
  • BISAC2 : SPORTS & RECREATION / Sports Psychology
  • BISAC3 : SCIENCE / Life Sciences / Neuroscience

The Confident Mind by Dr. Nate Zinsser

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