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By Robin Becker
Jack Barnes and some friends are on an epic journey cross-country for equality. A new world changing kind of equality, between humans and zombies.
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Dragon Haven

Dragons are struggling for survival, only the humans can help them last. The only problem is there are enemies everywhere, even with their own ranks.
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At the Gates of Darkness

The only way to protect their world is by coming face to face with the evil, the darkest of magic. Midkemia is under attack and heroes are needed.
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The Infinity Gate

Before the darkness Tencendor was a glorious place. But, now the world relies upon old heroes to restore former glory, against powerful enemies.
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Ignatius Perrish awoke to something new, unexpected, and extremely powerful. A set of horns adorn his head, horns that reflect the struggle within.

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Once Dead, Twice Shy

Madison Avery is going to take control of her own life. The only problem is she has already lost it.

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Kelley Winslow has a lot of things going for her in the human world. But, the faerie world always beckons and this time there may not be a way out.

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