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This Body of Death Unabridged CD

This Body of Death Unabridged CD
By Elizabeth George
The intrepid Inspector Lynley is back with a whole new mystery to solve. However, this is one mystery he may wish he stayed away from.
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The Council of Dads Unabridged CD

The touching story of how a father, due to cancer, decided to choose his replacements for the sake of his daughter's future.
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The Island Beneath the Sea Unabridged CD

Life in the sugar cane fields was never easy. Through unbelievable conditions, one woman fights hardship and hate to discover love and everything that comes with it.
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The Carrie Diaries Unabridged

The Carrie Diaries Unabridged CD
By Candace Bushnell
How does one girl get out of a small town? Learn about the life of Carrie Bradshaw before she became a famous writer and her journey to New York.
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Executive Intent Unabridged CD

When military technology goes wrong, the USA finds itself on the brink of war with the World's most powerful nations.

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Brava, Valentine Unabridged CD

Life as a designer was never meant to be simple. Pretty soon Valentine sees just how complicted it can be.

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The Best of Friends Unabridged CD

A memoir about the tests and trials between life long friends, Martha Stewart and Mariana Pasternak.

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