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bathtub race n Canad sailing race between bathtubs fitted with outboard motors

beaver fever n Canad sailing race an infectious disease caused by drinking water that has been contaminated by wildlife

Bloody Caesar n Canad a drink consisting of vodka, juice made from clams and tomatoes, Worcester sauce and Tabasco

butter tart n Canad a kind of tart made with butter, brown sugar, and raisins

chip wagon n Canad a small van in which French fries are cooked and sold

flipper pie n Canad a Newfoundland pie with a filling of cooked seal flippers

glib ice n Canad ice that is particularly smooth and slippery

ice wine n Canad a dessert wine made from grapes that have been frozen before being harvested

musical ride n Canad a display by riders on horseback of manoeuvres to music, esp. by members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

poutine n Canad a dish of French fries topped with cheese curds and gravy or a sauce

rink rat n Canad informal a youth who helps with odd chores at a hockey rink in return for free admission to games

stormstayed adj Canad isolated or unable to travel because of adverse weather conditions, esp. a snowstorm

twenty-sixer n Canad informal a liquor bottle of around 26 ounces (0.750 litre) capacity

Winnipeg couch n Canad a couch with no arms or back, opening out into a double bed

tuckamore n Canad, esp. Newfoundland 1 a small stunted evergreen tree or bush with gnarled creeping roots 2 low dense scrub formed by such trees

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