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  • How do I write to an author? Can you give me an author's e-mail address?

    We are not able to release the phone number or mailing and e-mail addresses of any of our authors. However, you may be able to make direct contact with an author if he or she has a website.

    If you would like to contact an author for an interview, or other publicity/media request, please visit our Publicity Contacts page

    If you would like to write to a HarperCollins author, you must include all of the following information on your letter:

    Author Name
    c/o Author Mail, Floor 20
    HarperCollins Canada Ltd.
    2 Bloor Street East
    Toronto, ON
    M4W 1A8

  • I would like to have my book signed by the author. How can I get that done?

    HarperCollins does not have a method of handling requests for signed copies, but you might be able to make direct contact if the author has a web site. Look for a web site link on the author page of harpercollins.ca, or put the name into a search engine such as google.com or yahoo.com to see. Alternatively, you might be able to catch your author when he's touring nearby. Go to the Authors page and see if the author's name appears in the menu under "Authors Currently Touring”.


  • What is your HarperCollins Donation Policy?

    HarperCollins Canada believes strongly in charitable giving and supports and partners with a variety of organizations dedicated to promoting literacy and a love of reading but we do not accept unsolicited donation requests.