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Bella Osborne


I've been jotting down my stories as far back as I can remember. Somehow life took over, I got a sensible job in project management and the writing has remained a passion.
I live in The Midlands with my lovely husband and our wonderful daughter, who thankfully, both accept me as I am (with my mad morning hair and a penchant for skipping).
You can follow me on Twitter @osborne_bella.

Works by Bella Osborne

  • coming-home-to-ottercombe-bay
  • ottercombe-bay-part-four-shaken-and-stirred-ottercombe-bay-series
  • ottercombe-bay-part-three-raising-the-bar-ottercombe-bay-series
  • ottercombe-bay-part-two-gin-and-trouble-ottercombe-bay-series