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Julie Shaw


Julie Shaw’s father is the only surviving member of the 13 Hudson siblings, born to Annie and Reggie Hudson on the infamous Canterbury Estate in Bradford. Julie tells the stories of the Canterbury Warriors - the folklore that she grew up with, tales of the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, tales that inspire fear and respect for a time and place governed by gangs, poverty and corruption, but when family was everything and the Hudsons ruled.

Works by Julie Shaw

  • hidden-sin-when-the-past-comes-back-to-haunt-you-tales-of-the-notorious-hudson-family-book-7
  • blood-sisters-part-3-of-3-can-a-pledge-made-for-life-endure-beyond-death-tales-of-the-notorious-hudson-family-book-6
  • blood-sisters-can-a-pledge-made-for-life-endure-beyond-death-tales-of-the-notorious-hudson-family-book-6
  • blood-sisters-part-2-of-3-can-a-pledge-made-for-life-endure-beyond-death-tales-of-the-notorious-hudson-family-book-6