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Joshua Levine


Joshua Levine has written seven bestselling history books including several titles in the <i>Forgotten Voices</i> series. <i>Beauty and Atrocity</i>, his account of the Irish Troubles, was nominated for the Writers’ Guild Book of the Year Award. <i>On a Wing and a Prayer</i>, his history of the pilots of the First World War, has been turned into a major television documentary. He has written and presented a number of programmes for BBC Radio 4. Most recently he has acted as historical advisor on Christopher Nolan’s movie, <i>Dunkirk</i>. Born in the Bahamas, he was a criminal barrister in a previous life. He lives in London.

Works by Joshua Levine

  • dunkirk
  • fighter-heroes-of-wwi-the-untold-story-of-the-brave-and-daring-pioneer-airmen-of-the-great-war-text-only
  • operation-fortitude-the-true-story-of-the-key-spy-operation-of-wwii-that-saved-d-day
  • beauty-and-atrocity-people-politics-and-irelands-fight-for-peace