Quantcast The Patrol: Seven Days in the Life of a Canadian Soldier in Afghanistan by Ryan Flavelle
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The Patrol

Seven Days in the Life of a Canadian Soldier in Afghanistan

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"Nothing can prepare a person for the reality of bloody, concussive warfare. . . . Those who like war are aptly named warriors. Some, like me, are fated never to be warriors, as we are more afraid of war than fascinated by it. But I have the consolation that I have walked with warriors and know what kind of men and women they are. I will never be a warrior, but I have known war.” (The Patrol)

In 2008, Ryan Flavelle, a reservist in the Canadian Army and a student at the University of Calgary, volunteered to serve in Afghanistan. For seven months, twenty-four-year-old Flavelle, a signaller attached to the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, endured the extreme heat, the long hours and the occasional absurdity of life as a Canadian soldier in this new war so far from home. Flavelle spent much of his time at a Canadian Forward Operating Base (FOB), living among his fellow soldiers and occasionally going outside the wire. For one seven-day period, Flavelle went into Taliban country, always walking in the footsteps of the man ahead of him, meeting Afghans and watching behind every mud wall for a sign of an enemy combatant.

The Patrol is a gritty, boots-on-the-ground memoir of a soldier’s experience in the Canadian Forces in the twenty-first century. In the tradition of Farley Mowat’s The Regiment and James Jones’ The Thin Red Line, this book isn’t merely about the guns and the glory—it is about why we fight, why men and women choose such a dangerous and demanding job and what their lives are like when they find themselves back in our ordinary world.

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Critical Praise for The Patrol

“This is an intelligent, fiercely perceptive, funny and wise book, written by a young Canadian soldier who is all that himself. As someone who has spent considerable time with the members of the Canadian Forces in Afghanistan, I can say with some authority that Ryan Flavelle is in several critical ways at least pretty much the norm for the Canadian soldier—so self-effacing you sometimes want to smack him one and so generous with his heart and head you fear a little for him. But this soldier also writes like a dream. What he’s done in The Patrol is give Canadians a hard, honest look at his war and all the complicated reasons young men like him choose—and he hugely emphasizes that it is a choice—to leave the comforts of university and home for the dangers and dubious charms of southern Afghanistan. It’s a great read that honours both the profession of arms and the craft of writing.”
- Christie Blatchford

ISBN: 9781443407175; ISBN10: 1443407178; Imprint: HarperCollins ; On Sale: 17/10/2011; Format: Hardback; Trimsize: 6 x 9; Pages: 272; $29.99; Ages: 1 and Up; BISAC1:BIO008000; BISAC2:HIS027160