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John Walsh

John Walsh was born in 1953 in London. Currently Assistant Editor of the 'Independent', he has written for and edited numerous newspapers and magazines. He has been a radio presenter and was director of the Cheltenham Festival of Literature in 1997.

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Sunday at the Cross Bones Sunday at the Cross Bones
It's 1930, and the long post-war party has ended in a giant collective...


You'll Always Be Falling... - An interview with John Walsh John Walsh was born in 1953 in London, and was educated at Wimbledon College, Exeter College, Oxford and University College, Dublin. A prolific critic and cultural commentator, he has been at various times features editor of the Evening Standard, literary editor of the Sunday Times and the editor of the Independent Magazine. He is currently Assistant Editor of The Independent. The Falling Angels is his exuberant memoir of growing up London-Irish, and never quite knowing which he...

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