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Robin Jarvis

Robin Jarvis started writing in 1988 and quickly acquired a reputation as a bestselling children's author with his acclaimed Deptford Mice trilogy, and the Whitby Witches (Macdonald). A multi-talented artist, he not only writes some thrilling stories, but also illustrates all his own books. In 1988, when he was a model maker by profession, Robin Jarvis had just moved to Deptford and was busy working on a huge green model alien for Channel 4! He used to produce sketches of the area, and strangely enough, of rodents, and when an editor saw these drawings she asked whether Robin had a story to go with them. Exchanging modelling tools for a pen, Robin produced the result that we know today,...

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Author Extras
Dancing Jax 2: Freax and Rejex Dancing Jax 2: Freax and Rejex
Five months have passed since the publication of the devilish book...
Dancing Jax Dancing Jax
At the end of a track, on the outskirts of an ordinary coastal town, lies...
The Fatal Strand The Fatal Strand
In a grimy alley in the East End of London stands the Wyrd Museum,...


Stella Paskins met up with Robin to ask him more about The Wyrd Museum... Where did you get the idea for the Wyrd Museum series? My stories often come from drawings. This one started when I drew my old Teddy bear and he came to life as a character in my head. Then I had to find a setting for him. When I moved to Greenwich, I found a wacky building at the end of my street. It was covered in spikes and spires and I found myself imagining it to be a Wyrd Museum. So, I put the two together. When you started the trilogy, did you know how it...

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