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Daniel Mark Epstein
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Review in USA Today for Lincoln's Men
Lincoln's Men was featured in USA Today. Here is the review: Epstein, who has written books about Walt Whitman and the Lincoln marriage, turns his attention to Lincoln's secretaries: John Hay, John Nicolay, and William Stoddard. (Hay and Nicolay, who lived in the White House, would publish a 10-volume biography of Lincoln in 1890.) This is not...

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The Ballad of Bob Dylan
by Daniel Mark Epstein

Through the lens of four seminal concerts, acclaimed poet and biographer Daniel Mark Epstein offers an intimate, vivid, and comprehensive portrait of Bob Dylan. Beginning in 1963, Epstein revisits Dylan's early struggles to find artistic direction; his transition from folk icon to rock star; and his secluded family life and divorce. A...
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by Daniel Mark Epstein
by Daniel Mark Epstein
During the Civil War three intelligent, articulate young men served as...

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