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Shan Sa
Photo by Jean-Marc Lubrano
Shan Sa
Shan Sa was born in Beijing. At the age of 8, she created a sensation in China when her first poems were published in Chinese magazines. She was acclaimed as a phenomenon of Chinese modern literature. Sa published four collections of her poetry in Chinese and became the youngest member of the Beijing Writers' Association...

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Alexander and Alestria
by Shan Sa

A brilliant yet ruthless savage conqueror and poet exhilarated by the world's wonders, Alexander first meets Alestria on the battlefield—shocked to discover his adversary is female and mesmerized by her fierce, dazzling loveliness. At last, the legendary king has found his equal in this indomitable Amazon queen who has been taught since...
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Shan Sa Paintings
Painting by Shan Sa.

by Shan Sa
by Shan Sa
One of China's most controversial figures, Empress Wu was its first and...

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