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Pamela Eisenbaum
Pamela Eisenbaum
Pamela Eisenbaum is Associate Professor of Biblical Studies and Christian Origins at the Iliff School of Theology. One of four Jewish New Testament scholars teaching in Christian theological schools, she is the author of Invitation to Romans , a contributor to the Women’s Bible Commentary and the Oxford Access Bible , and has published many...

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Paul Was Not a Christian
by Pamela Eisenbaum

Paul Was Not a Christian is a groundbreaking work that systematically overturns both scholarly and popular conceptions held by Christians and Jews, liberals and conservatives alike. As Eisenbaum reveals, Paul is not the true founder of Christianity as is often claimed, nor does Paul understand Jesus Christ as having superseded the Torah and...
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An interpretation of Mark 6:31-44 and Mark 8:1-10:  The Loaves and the Fishes In the first loaves-and-fishes story, the disciples start with five loaves and two fishes.  As Christian Bible-readers know, this amount miraculously multiplies so that there is enough … Continue reading →
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