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Lindsay Barrett George

Lindsay Barrett George is widely recognized for her striking illustrations of animals, birds, and fish in their habitats. She is the author-illustrator of Maggie’s Ball; Alfred Digs; The Secret; Inside Mouse, Outside Mouse; In the Garden: Who’s Been Here?; and four other Who’s Been Here? titles.

Lindsay Barrett George lives in northeastern Pennsylvania with her dog, two cats, and a very handsome duck.

Author Extras
In the Snow: Who's Been Here? In the Snow: Who's Been Here?
The woods are cold and desolate as Cammy and William hike through the snow...
In the Woods: Who's Been Here? In the Woods: Who's Been Here?
Cammy and William don't see any wildlife as they walk through the woods,...
That Pup! That Pup!
What is that pup up to? That pup digs. And digs. And digs some more. What...

My first memory of the power and magic of books still haunts me. When I was very young, I believed that animals pictured in books were alive in those books. A photograph of a “sea monster” in my parents’ copy of the Wonder Book of Knowledge looked so real that I wouldn’t walk in front of the book, for fear of being bitten. Oh, the power of make-believe.

I did not know then that I wanted to be an artist. As a child, all I knew was that I wanted to draw, that I needed to make marks on paper. And if paper was not available, any blank surface would do, especially the brown paper bags from the grocery store. Pastel pencil marks...

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