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Oriah is the author of the inspirational prose poem and international bestselling book The Invitation as well as the bestsellers The Dance and The Call. Her writing sets forth in detail how we can follow the thread of our heart's longing into a life of meaning and purpose. Her latest book, What We Ache For: Creativity and the Unfolding of Your Soul, explores creativity as a way of accessing and cultivating a spiritually rich life. Oriah is the mother of two grown sons. She lives with her husband, Jeff, several hours north of Toronto in a home surrounded by forest stillness.

Author Extras
The Call The Call
The Call exhorts us to heed the voice inside us, calling us to discover...
The Dance The Dance
Welcome to The Dance, the wise and practical book that expands on Oriah...
The Invitation The Invitation
Shared by word of mouth, e-mailed from reader to reader, recited over the...