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Edward Achorn
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Veteran Owner Rates Fifty-nine in ’84 with Classics
A veteran baseball executive says Fifty-nine in ’84 ranks with such classic baseball best-sellers as Bernard Malamud’s The Natural , David Halberstam’s Summer of ’49 , George F. Will’s Men at Work and Thomas Boswell’s Why Time Begins on Opening Day . Ben Mondor made his remark at a March 18 reception for the...

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Fifty-nine in '84
by Edward Achorn

In 1884, Providence Grays pitcher Charles "Old Hoss" Radbourn won an astounding fifty-nine games—more than anyone in major-league history ever had before, or has since. He then went on to win all three games of baseball's first World Series. Fifty-nine in '84 tells the dramatic story not only of that amazing feat of grit but also of...
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