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Justin Menkes

Justin Menkes is a managing director of the Executive Intelligence Group (EIG), a leading provider of executive assessment services to global corporations. EIG is an exclusive partner of Spencer Stuart, the world's preeminent executive search firm. Menkes created the Executive Intelligence Evaluation, used by businesses to identify, develop, and hire effective leaders. Menkes is internationally recognized for his expertise in managerial assessment and has written for the Harvard Business Review. He lives in Los Angeles.

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Executive Intelligence Executive Intelligence
The final word on what traits make for highly successful managers—...

What is executive intelligence?

The particular kind of smarts that is responsible for making exceptional leaders so much better than their peers. These abilities don’t make star executives the best athletes, the best spouses, or the best at crossword puzzles, but they are the substance that causes them to be the best executives.

I’ve found through hundreds of interviews with senior executives, including 30 of the most celebrated CEO’s in the world, that there are an identifiable set of cognitive skills or aptitudes that all...

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