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The Leadership Engine By Noel M. Tichy
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The Leadership Engine

How Winning Companies Build Leaders at Every Level

Questions for Discussion

1. From the real-life examples of the CEOs profiled in the book, did you find one person′s leadership style to be more effective than the others? Which of the examples or stories made the greatest impression on you?

2. Throughout the book, Tichy uses Jack Welch of General Electric as an example of successful leadership and mentoring. What is it about Welch that made him such a successful CEO? Do you believe that Welch′s integration of a "Leadership Engine" contributed to GE′s success? What is your assessment of GE′s future now that Welch has retired as CEO?

3. In one instance Tichy states, "Some companies don′t do a good job developing leaders because they don′t try very hard." What differences does Tichy cite between companies that display effective leadership and those that do not? Is leadership really more important than other factors, even those that would seem to have a more immediate impact on a company′s bottom line?

4. Tichy maintains that in order to generate sustainable organizational performance, one must have winning leaders to successfully teach others in the organization to be leaders as well. How does he support this theory? Do you agree or disagree with his assessment of what constitutes an effective leader? What did you learn from this book?

5. As Tichy has participants do in his leadership training workshops, share a story of leadership success you have enjoyed. Reflect on what made the leadership successful, and then generate a list of characteristics of effective leadership built on this "personal benchmarking trip."

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