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Crossing the Chasm By Geoffrey A. Moore
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Crossing the Chasm

Marketing and Selling Disruptive Products to Mainstream Customers

"For the most astute companies this book provides the blueprint for success, for the others it is a manual for their survival, and for all it is a great read." --William Davidow, general partner, Mohr Davidow Ventures
The bestselling guide that created a new game plan for marketing in high-tech industries, Crossing the Chasm has become the bible for bringing cutting-edge products to progressively larger markets. This revised and updated edition -- which provides new insights into the realities of high-tech marketing, with special emphasis on the Internet -- is essential reading for anyone with a stake in the world's most exciting marketplace.

Questions for Discussion
  1. The Technology Adoption Life Cycle is "a model for understanding the acceptance of new products." What is the logic behind it? Discuss the consumer types that comprise the Technology Adoption Life Cycle -- innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority, and laggards. Identify the key factors that define each group. Which one is the most integral to success?

  2. In the preface, Geoffrey Moore states, "The world has changed. The high-tech community is now crossing the chasm intentionally rather than unintentionally….The basic forces don't change, but the tactics have become more complicated." What does he mean by this statement? How does it apply to recent shifts and changes in the high-tech market? Discuss the ways in which a decade of experience with life-cycle models has affected marketing strategies in both high-tech and other industries.

  3. Crossing the Chasm is based on what Moore calls the "chasm model." What is the chasm model, and how is it applied? What are its strengths and weaknesses?

  4. Apply the factors of the Market Development Strategy Checklist (outlined on pages 98-103) to a company and product with which you are familiar. Then determine a marketing strategy using this information and drawing on what you have learned from this book.

  5. "One of the most important lessons about crossing the chasm is that the task ultimately requires achieving an unusual degree of company unity during the crossing period." How does Moore illustrate the importance of this "lesson"? What other factors are integral to a company's success in crossing the chasm?
About the Author: Geoffrey A. Moore is chairman of The Chasm Group, which provides marketing strategy consulting services to hundreds of high-tech companies. He is also a venture partner with Mohr Davidow Ventures, a venture capital firm. Moore was recently named one of the "Elite 100 leading the digital revolution" by Upside magazine.
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